Quilt Of Valor

I wanted to make a Quilt of Valor for my brother, Vince, who served as a Marine in the Vietnam War. Since he is celebrating his 60th Birthday, it seemed apropos to present it to him at his party. 



I've been challenged by a friend to list the 10 books which have been unforgettable to me, or greatly influenced my life. Since, this is not easily answered by a librarian, you may want to pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and settle in...
1. Thumbelina...the very first book I checked out of a public library and thus started a wonderful career.
2. The Nancy Drew and later the Sherlock Holmes stories, which are the reason today I am still challenged in Geography. I read them under my desk all through elementary school. I still love a good "who done it"
3. Gone with the Wind. the history, the romance...
4. Wuthering Heights, the reason I traveled to Haworth, England and walked the Moors.
5. Journey to the Center of the Earth...allowed me to escape my world and seek adventure.
6. Angela's Ashes...made me laugh to hear the phrases spoken by my Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Traveled to Limerick and finally understood it all.
7. Dracula...written by Bram Stoker who was believed to be influenced by the stories his mother told him about people being buried alive in Sligo during the cholera epidemic of 1832. Visited the church there where many were buried. (somehow, there is a theme here..loved the book, traveled to the place)
8. Old Souls: compelling evidence from children who remember past lives...made me think about death and reincarnation in a new way.
9. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society - history, humor (hope to go there some day)
10. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - intrigued me to do additional research on secret codes and hear Lisa See speak on her writings...fascinating.