Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff. Berkeley, CA: She Writes Press, 2015. 359 pages. With reading group questions and topics for discussions. ****

What working mother doesn't dream about being in two places at once and full-time at the office and still have quality time with her kids? What if an application was developed that would allow it to happen and the app mysteriously showed up on your lost phone?

When Jennifer Sharpe, overworked, spread thin, divorced mother of two, discovers the Wishful Thinking app on her phone she doesn't know what to think. The app does come with a warning that if she chooses to use it, Jennifer must contact the designer for some instruction prior to use. Feeling pressured at work to stay long hours, promised a twenty thousand dollar bonus for the completion of a community project and challenged by her ex-husband for a fairer custody agreement, Jennifer throws caution to the wind and creates an "event." Through the use of a secret bathroom on the eighteenth floor, Jennifer was able to time travel to attend her son's guitar recital and a scheduled staff meeting at work. Promising the designer, physicist Dr. Diane Sexton, that she will limit her use of the app, Jennifer soon becomes addicted to being "superwoman." When her worlds collide (who didn't see that coming) Jennifer allows her best friend and a work colleague in on her secret routine. Using her talent for time travel, Jennifer unveils an embezzler and like all superwomen, saves the day.

Told with humor and angst, Wicoff creates a fantasy world in which many working parents can relate and identify with daily. A tale of parenting, friends, love, divorce, romance and lack of sleep. This novel will appeal to many sleep deprived, guilt driven Mom's who can't do it all no matter how hard they try and will provoke many pool/beach side conversations.

Kamy Wicoff is the founder, with author Deborah Siegel, of SheWrites.com, the world's largest online community for women who write. She is also the founder, with publisher Brooke Warner, of She Writes Press. 

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