It's You: a novel.

It's You: a novel by Jane Porter. New York: Berkley Books, 2015. 321 pages with Readers Guide. *****

Dr. Alison McAdams is a dentist in her late fiancé's father's office. It was supposed to be Morris & Morris, but now it is Morris and Associates. When Ali receives a phone call that her father is injured, she decides to visit him in Napa and once again try to persuade him to move in with her in Scottsdale. Finding her gregarious Dad happily ensconced in his one bedroom apartment in the Napa Estates Retirement Home, Ali begins to question her own views on aging and whether she ever really knew her father. Meeting the other residents and learning their stories while trying find herself, helps Ali work through her grief over the death of her fiancé, Andrew. Napa offers Ali a respite from her grief and a glimpse into the life of one of the residents during World War ll pre and post Germany. Things aren't always what they seem and Porter is a masterful storyteller.

This is the first book that I have read by Jane Porter and it won't be the last. She is gifted at presenting difficult topics in a believable setting. I traveled to Berlin in the Summer of 2013 and I wish I had read this book before that trip. I love when history comes alive when I least expect it and I am pulled into a different time and place. 

Jane Porter is the USA Today bestselling author of The Good Wife, The Good Daughter, The Good Woman, She's Gone Country, Mrs, Perfect , Flirting with Forty and several other novels. Jane lives in Southern California. Visit her online at janeporter.com and facebook.com/authorjaneporter.

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