Birthday Musings

Words of wisdom on my 67th Birthday:
This moment is the youngest I will ever be and the oldest I have ever been. 
Age is only a number (I’m really 21 inside, that’s the Birthday we announced our engagement)
I don’t need 2 eyes with perfect vision to see what’s important in life.
It’s how you treat others that is a reflection of who you are, not how others treat you. 
Marry the person who makes you feel like “you are enough” just as you are and wants you to be his dancing partner each and every day. 
When you apply sunscreen on your face, include your neck, it may prevent neck wrinkles. 
TSA Global Entry is worth every penny. 
Traveling with Grandchildren is the best, it gives a fresh perspective on events, people, and places. Plus, she laughs out loud at the absurdity of life and most of what comes out of my mouth...the eye roll completes it... It seems that no one says “mojo, chillaxing” anymore and dancing to the music in public places is frowned upon even if it is Graceland! 
The people who love me when I am least lovable are “my people.”
A dying friend once told me, it’s all about “the Love”...I am feeling the love today and counting my blessings. Thank you for all of the Birthday wishes.

Even though we were staying in a hotel, my Husband gave me this rose for my Birthday... he's a keeper!

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