2019 Monthly Color Challenge - August

August - Marigold (Red Orange)

Before you even start this block...clean and oil your sewing machine! If you have been doing the monthly blocks and have been ignoring basic maintenance because you want to get sewing, now is the time. This plastic brush seems to be sold everywhere and is very handy to get into grooves and is washable. (My Granddaughters informed me that it is a mascara brush)


Choose your fabric. I pulled all of the red orange fabric from my stash to audition and decide what goes well together.

I decided on these two, I liked the contrast between the fabrics.

Let's talk tools! I use Best Press on all of my fabric; when ironing before I get started, ironing seams and after the block is completed. I found this spray bottle which gives a more even spray and the Best Press lasts longer. I paid 15.00 (2 for 25.00) at a Quilt Show, however, Amazon sells them much cheaper and in pretty designs (Amazon stylist sprayer).


I love the Tailor's Clapper for keeping seams flat. If you would like to learn more about it, check out Suzy's Quilts.

Last, but not least...thread! I use Aurifil 50 wt thread exclusively because my sewing machines like it. I buy it on sale and have it in a variety of colors. Many quilters use white, off white or grey for their piecing thread. I took a class and made an intricate design only to have it look awful because I used a light thread and it was noticeable. When I mentioned it to the instructor that I was unhappy with the result, she suggested I use a marker to go over the light visible thread. That wall hanging was never completed. Choose a piecing thread by laying about 12 inches of the thread on your fabrics, it should disappear, unless you are doing decorative stitching.

This is an easy block to construct using Jen's pattern.

 August's block plays well with the other blocks and Frankie approves!

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So many good tips, and a pretty block as well!