Little Free Library

Little Free Library 

My husband is the most amazing man, he built me a Little Free Library! I have been wanting one for awhile and when he asked me what I wanted for my August birthday, it was a "no brainer."
Deciding on a size and style took me to Pinterest and the web where I discovered the Little Free Library Organization.  I registered and received a charter for my library and we are good to go. My husband went to the local township and they were supportive. We had the underground lines marked in order to avoid future problems.

My son and husband digging the hole for the post in the front yeard.  

The engineer in the family is using his phone to level it.

I've read that one of the biggest problems is vandalism and people emptying them out and reselling the books.  More on that topic here. I've purchased this stamp from Staples to discourage resale. I've seen some brag online about how many books they have taken from the libraries, hoefully, everyone will be courteous and kind.

One of our neighbors offered to take a picture of the two of us together. I am beyond excited!

Bring a book, take a book! Enjoy!

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