Eight Hundred Grapes: a novel by Laura Dave. NewYork: Simon & Schuster, 2015. 260 p. *****

Thirty-year-old Georgia Ford's life takes an unexpected turn when at the last fitting for her wedding dress she sees her fiancé walking down the street with a gorgeous woman and a little girl. When opening the door to catch his attention, Georgia hears the little girl call Ben, Georgia's fiancé, "Daddy." With the clothes on her back (which happens to be her wedding dress), Georgia returns to the family winery and the venue for her soon to be held wedding. Seeking solace and advice, Georgia discovers discord in her parent's perfect marriage; her two brothers are at odds with each other and the family vineyard is about to be sold.

A poignant tale told humorously and with such grace, it was hard to put down. Dave has a strong storytelling voice and each character is likable and identifiable. Even though there is no Reading Guide, I recommend it for a Book Club choice. There are a few subplots which would make good discussion points.

This is may favorite of the books I have read so far for The Summer Reading Challenge 2015. I was drawn in from the very beginning and couldn't wait to see what happens next. Loved the ending, so fitting and perfect.

Laura Dave is the author of The First Husband,  The Divorce Party, and London Is the Best City in America. Her work has been published in fifteen countries, and three of her novels, including Eight Hundred Grapes, have been optioned as major motion pictures.

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