Opportunity - One Word 2019

I have struggled the last few days in choosing a "word" for 2019.  I chose "Clarity" for 2018 and I felt like it backfired on me. In the past year, I have had a detached retina and a Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion in my right eye. At the present time I have a cataract in that eye which will be corrected on January 21st. So, it has been a struggle to apply "Clarity" to my life in 2018.

I had finally decided on NO Word for 2019 when I saw this cartoon by Linier on Facebok and it is perfect! I look forward to new opportunities, adventures, friends, and travels.

2019 Opportunity
2018 Clarity
2017 Balance
2016 Promise
2015 Abundance
2014 Believe
2013 Simplify

I am participating in a few challenges (opportunities ) for 2019:


UFO Challenge 2019

UFO Challenge 2019

My Quilt Guild, Calico Cutters, has issued a challenge to all members.

The rules are as follows:

  • Before January 1st make a list of 12 projects you want to finish before the end of 2019.
  • Every month, the Guild organizer will announce a randomly generated number bewteen 1 and 12.
  • Check the list you made in December. The number generated tells you what project you should work on each month.
  • Share your works in progress or finished project at the next Guild meeting or on social media.
  • If you are swamped one month, skip it and move on. Can't motivate to work on the project or your list? Choose another. 
My 12 projects:
  1. Flamingo Quilt
  2. Gnome Quilt
  3. Baby Quilt
  4. One Block Wonder
  5. Bootacular
  6. Splendid Sampler
  7. Solstice Quilt
  8. Rail Fence Star Quilt
  9. Charity Quilt
  10. Bargello Quilt
  11. 2018 Monthly Color Challenge Quilt
  12. Organize Sewing Room
Instead of a 12th UFO, I added organizing my sewing room because this project will force me to do it at least once in the next 12 months. I decided to bag and number the projects. Clearing off the pool table was more challenging than I imagined...and I really only moved everything to my sewing table for the present time. Tomorrow is another day!

I am also partcipating in the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge and will be posting my blocks each month in addition to the UFO.

Another Goal for this year is to learn a new technique in quilting...I will be keeping my mind open to new opportunities!

The numbers chosen:

January - #7 - Pat Sloan's Solstice Quilt

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