Postcards from the Sky

Postcards from the Sky: adventures of an Aviatrix by Erin Seidemann. Berkeley:She Writes Press, 2015. 239 pages. ****

How does a young girl who gets carsick, seasick and airsick become an Aviatrix and owner of a plane? It seems that once in the pilot's seat the thrill of flying overcomes the queasiness of her stomach. The reality of being a female plane owner in a male dominated world isn't easy, "where's your boyfriend" and "where's the pilot" is handled with humor. Erin's love of flying and seeing the world overcomes the crude comments and sexist treatment. She tells the story of her misadventures, love escapades and more along with the hardships and disappointments. 

Highly entertaining and enjoyable memoir. An inspirational story that proves that all things can be overcome if someone wants it enough. Erin purchased her own plane and learned to maintain it against the odds of a woman doing so. 

I received an Advance Reader Copy from BookSparks for a review.

Erin Seidemann was born and raised in New Orleans in Southern Louisiana, a part of the state often described as "south of the South." She attended Loyola University New Orleans and graduated cum laude with a degree in English writing. She recently earned her commercial pilot license and bought a twin-engine plane so she can explore more of the work. You can find more of her writing at www.agirlandherplane.com.

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