put a ring on it

put a ring on it by Beth Kendrick. New York:New American Library, 2015. 253 pages. Reader's Guide. ****

As an insurance actuary, Brighton Smith doesn't do anything spontaneous and is trained to assess risk and probability. She can't understand how a disagreement with her fiancé Colin about whether she was stalling on the wedding and whether he was inviting road rage by refusing to "zipper merge" disintegrated into him demanding she return her engagement ring. She is convinced they just need to sit down and rationally discuss the situation and everything would be fine. Her safe world crumbles, when Colin calls and claims to meet Genevieve and marries her the same day. That night Brighton throws caution to the wind and decides to drink with the hot guy Jake in a bar while waiting for a friend. She's finally having fun with unexpected results that ends in a trip to Vegas. Should she return to her predictable life plan and her job as an actuary or follow her dream job as a jewelry designer in the Naked Finger and her heart in Black Dog Bay?

This is the third book in the Black Dog Bay Series. I haven't read the other two, however, I found this one entertaining and witty with likable characters in a town billed as the best place in America to get over a breakup. With names like The Better Off Bed-and-Breakfast, The Rebound Saloon and the Jilted Cafe, Kendrick has a great sense of humor. With a fast-paced comfortable predictability, the story unfolds with a few twists and turns.

I received a copy from BookSparks for a review.

Beth Kendrick is the author of twelve women's fiction novels, including New Uses for Old Boyfriends, Cure for the Common Breakup, The Week Before the Wedding, The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service, and Newlyweds, which was turned into a Hallmark Channel original movie. Although she lives in Arizona, she loves to vacation at the Delaware beaches, where she brakes for turtles, eats boardwalk fries, and wishes that the Whinery really existed.

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