Losing the Light

Losing the Light: a novel by Andrea Dunlop. New York: Washington Square Press, 2016. 327 pages. A Readers Club Guide. ****

Newly engaged and packing to move, Brooke Thompson agrees to attend a party given by her best friend's PR firm. What Brooke hadn't bargained on was seeing the guest of honor, a French photographer, who has haunted her life and memories of a year as an exchange student in the beautiful city of Nantes, France. Seeing Alex brings back painful memories of the betrayal of her friend Sophie and the complicated friendship they shared while escaping college life and the choices they made there. It is incomprehensible that Alex doesn't recognize her and Brooke is so thrown that she gives him her number and agrees to meet him the following Thursday. What he tells her challenges her perspective of what really happened 10 years ago and what part of it was real.

This debut novel is a haunting story of love, lust, friendship, and independence. The story told from Brooke's point of view leaves unanswered questions and emotions. What really happened to Sophie and if Brook had returned to France would the outcome have been different? Dunlop transports the reader into the world of a naive college exchange student introduced to the life of the rich and self-absorbed. An excellent choice for Book Clubs, a story ripe for discussion and debate.

I received a NetGalley ecopy from BookSparks as part of "My Winter is Booked Blog Tour" for a review. 

Andrea Dunlop is the social media and marketing director for Girl Friday Productions and lives in Seattle, Washington. Losing the Light is her first novel.


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