Quilt Retreats

Quilt Retreats are a great way to bond with Quilt Guild members, make new quilty friends and get away from the distractions of home. Some Retreats offer workdshops or tutorials and it's informative getting feedback from others while working on your quilts.

Whether you are planning one or an attendee, there are some crucial elements to make the time successful.
  • What exactly are the accomodations---do you have a roommate? Need to bring your own linens, towles, pillow? 
  • Are meals included?
  • How close is the nearest Quilt Shop? 
I've compiled a Quilt Retreat Checklist to help with your planning. Customize to suit your needs. Some quilters seem to bring everything, but the kitchen sink.

If you are planning the Retreat:
  • Adequate  power, bright lighting and comfortable chairs are essentials. Make sure there is enough room at each work station. My sister and I had back to back workstations and it was great sharing space and materials.

  • Comfortable height of cutting and ironing stations. Adjust if necessary. 

  • Communicate with attendees as to whether snacks are encouraged in the sewing area.
  • Is alcohol allowed at the venue or in the rooms?
This particular Retreat was at Ocean City, MD so the view from my room was spectacular!

Another was in a rural setting and the view was so appreciated after sewing for hours...

I have learned that I need to escape sometimes from the chatter and clatter of the machines and take a walk or sit on a porch to relax. 

Plan some OPTIONAL activities and games: (Not everyone likes to participate)
  • Pinterest has many creative ideas for activities, games, challenges, etc. I've started a Quilt Retreat Board.
  • One Retreat I attended had Swap Tables which were available on Saturday night. Bring something related to sewing and quilting and take what you want.

  • Holiday or special theme: I attended a Retreat in October 2015 so I went with the Halloween theme and decorated my machine and made a Halloween quilt for my bed. 

And last, but not least...Have FUN!

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