Don't You Cry

Don't You Cry: a novel by Mary Kubica. New York: Mira, 2016. 320 pages. *****

Told in alternating voices, this psychlogical thriller will draw you in and have you wondering who the the villain is in this story. Quinn's roommate disappears one night and the only clues left behind are letters written by EV. Did her roommate, Esther Vaughan, write the letters or were they written to her? Eighteen-year-old Alex, lives with his father, the town drunk, and washes dishes for a living. A mysterious young woman enters the cafe where he works and he discovers that she is squatting in the abandoned house across the street from his house. While Quinn is trying to find out what happened to her best friend and roommate, Alex follows and befriends the mysterious girl with horrifying consquences. Both worlds collide in a shocking story of grief, abandonment and murder.

Kubica's strength in telling a story is her ability to ease into an evocative plot with strong, fallible, likable characters. Quinn is so insecure she begins to believe that Esther has disappeared instead of asking her to move out. Alex is so kind hearted that even after delivering her groceries, Alex stays to play board games with Ingrid who suffers from agoraphobia. Kubica entices me in with the hint that all is not what it seems, however, I did not guess the ending. You won't want to put it down until you figure out where Esther is and who is the disturbed "Pearl?" You won't be disappointed in Kubica's newest must-read.

I received a copy of this book from BookSparks for a review.

Mary Kubica is the New York Times bestselling author of The Good Girl and Pretty Baby. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in history and American literature from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She lives outside Chicago with her husband and two children. Follow Mary on Twitter, @MaryKubica. Website: Mary Kubica

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