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Expect Trouble (An Operation Delphi Novel #1) by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth. New Jersey: BookBaby, 2016.  343 pages. ****

In this first novel in the series, it's 1943 and U. S. WAVES Lieutenant Livvy Delacourt is assigned as a driver to a naval commander who is forming a highly selective, top-secret group of individuals who have unique psychic gifts. Their assignment is to use their powers to hunt and stop Nazi spies. Livvy's supervisor, Barrington Drew, III (Trey to his friends), turns out to be a crush from her teen years and a boyfriend of her wealthy, socialite cousin. On her first driving assignment, Livvy experiences a full-blown psychic episode and a warehouse explosion. Trey quickly assembles a diverse team that includes a crystal ball reader and someone who can see ghosts. Complete with a security team, they set up headquarters and living space at Hamilton House in Germantown, PA. Espionage, mystery, history, romance and murder.

Expect Deception (An Operation Delphi Novel #2) by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth. California:SheWrites Press, 2016. 230 pages. ****

In this second book, the Reich throws in dark magic and recruits a wizard to fight Livvy and her team. The wizard uses his power to attack US facilities and causes personnel to fall ill with a variety of ailments. Only by combining their talents and powers are Livvy and the team at Hamilton House able to repel the evil that threatens them. Tragically, not all of the members of the team survive.

Ainsworth has crafted a fascinating series that drew me right in and kept me enthralled. Having grown up in Philadelphia, the landmarks are familiar and I found myself researching some of the tactics used by the enemy to see if the Third Reich recruited psychics and dark magic. I reached out  to the author for more information and received this background from her publicist: Nazis and the Occult. By using search terms "Nazi and occultism" I am able to find other articles that seem to reference similar information, Nazi Occultism. This series is inventive, creative and a unique glimpse into the home front during World War II. I can't wait to see what comes next!

I received copies of these books to review.

JoAnn Smith Ainsworth experienced food-ration books, victory gardens, and blackout sirens as a child in WWII. Ms. Ainsworth lives in California. She has BA and MAT degrees in English and has completed her MBA studies. She has published five previous novels.

To learn more about this author, visit http://www.joannsmithainsworth.com.

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