Amish Quilts

Amish Quilts: Giftable Inspiration Along With Quilting Tips. Featuring the Photography of Richard Brunstetter Sr. With Inspiration from Wanda E. Brunstetter. Ohio: Shiloh Run Press, 2016. *****

Wanda's fascination with quilts began when she was a young girl and would study a quilt made by her Grandmother. It is a scrappy one made with pieces of clothing her family members had worn.

Her husband, Richard, is a photographer who has an eye for quilts which is clear in his photographs.

The pages of this book are beautifully illustrated with gorgeous quilts and include a verse from the Bible and a "Quilting Tip" for each photograph. The quilts featured are traditional in design, but not necessarily quilts that are associated with the Amish in color choice. (at least what is evident in the Lancaster Pennsylvania Amish) They are all beautiful!

This book is a lovely companion to The Hawaiian Quilt and Wanda E. Brunstetter's Amish Friends  Harvest Cookbook.

I received a copy to review.

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