Quilt Show 2016

Brandywine Valley Quilters has a Quilt Show every other year and this is the year. The theme is "Quilting, what a novel idea!" The amount of planning is phenomenal from the theme to the program to the many members who make quilts, it is a class act.

This show I worked the first day in Receiving...the quilts are brought to the venue, checked in, looked over (threads clipped, animal hair removed with a lint brush, and checked for stains) and placed on a table in preparation for judging. The quilter receives a receipt to collect their quilt on Sunday. A new twist this year was to record a 30-second video of the quilter and the quilt to be used in a QR code. The code will be on display with the quilt.

The quilts are sorted by technique, type of quilting, etc.

On the second day of preparation, the quilts are judged by professional quilters against a pre-determined criteria. The judges will select the quilts to be awarded ribbons. This is the first time I have entered quilts to be judged. I entered four quilts in various categories and it is nerve wracking to think that someone will judge my work.

Because the theme is "novel" related, the decorations and signage were designed to reflect a library.

There was a line outside on the first morning of the Show.

Members outdid themselves in making items to be sold in the Boutique!

A new innovative idea is to add a "QR Code" to each quilt description, this allows the viewer to scan it and to hear the quilter talk about the quilt.  The name tag I wore was cleverly made by the Quilt Show Chair.

My Granddaughter and I were very surprised to win a ribbon for our "Wizard Wonderland" quilt! I pieced the panels with her supervision and she machine quilted it on the HQ Sweet Sixteen. 

The quilt received a "Harry's Choice" and a "Youth" participation ribbon. Harry is the maintenance man at the venue where the Quilt Show is held and he chooses one quilt to receive his ribbon.

Her reaction is priceless!

Harry, Shae and me!

Receiving the judge's comments after the show was enlightening, I am sharing them in the hopes of educating you as to what the judges are looking at in each quilt.

 This quilt is a "Round Robin" Quilt, "Promise." I created the center block and quilt guild members added rows to it. I added the last row to make it bigger.

Judge's Comments:
Interesting color choices
Straight lines need to be straight
Try to maintain traingle points
Quilting fills spaces well
Outside edge needs to be straight
Binding corners on the back need to be consistent with the front

"Connections" designed by my husband, Bob.  

Judge's Comments:
Very good use of complementary colors
Color and shape placement works well on this art quilt
Piecing generally well done
Quilting is appropriate
Quilt stitches vary in size and tension problems
Starts and stops visible
Binding well done

"David" This was created to represent Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne in Steampunk style. The Guild Challenge was to create a quilt to depict a "book" "author" "genre" etc. to fit the theme of the quilt show. 

Judge's Comments:
Gradation of background fabric was well chosen and adds depth
Embellishment well chosen for theme
Applique needs to be secure 
Machine quilting fills space well, tension problems noted
Nice choice of backing fabric

The Quilt Show was a wonderful and educational experience. The next BVQ Show will be in October 2018. Will I do it again? You betcha! 

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