Size Matters

Size Matters: A Novel by Cathryn Novak. Berkeley: She Writes Press: 2016. 136 pages. ****

Reclusive John Frederick loves to eat and his day revolves around what his personal chef will prepare for his meals. When Alexandra "Lexie" Haynes is hired, she can't imagine preparing meals for someone she has not met nor will meet in the course of her day. On impulse, Lexie invades John's inner sanctum and is overcome by the sight and scents that linger there. Over time, a mutual respect and friendship develops between Lexie and John until he experiences a life-threatening event and must completely change his food choices.  As often happens, the relationship changes, and Lexie doesn't know what to do to recapture the bond that was once between them.

This is one of those stories that I wanted to continue and savor while reading it. Novak certainly has a way with words and paints a picture of loneliness, need and unexpected friendship. "The bright, shining odor of John Frederick's joy in consuming her cooking" and "her hands and her creativity, have produced the offerings that have nourished and expanded this living, breathing work of art" drew me into a story that is sensitive and emotional. My only complaint is that the book was too short and I hope that I have not seen the last of Lexie and John.

I received a copy for a review.

Cathryn Novak has had a years-long love affair with words that began as soon as she could read. After graduating with a degree in communications and public policy from UC Berkeley. Cathryn did a stint in advertising before devoting the rest of her professional career to public service.
Now retired, Cathryn has returned to her first love; the world of fiction. Size Matters is her first published novel.

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