Singer Red Eye

Meet Esther!

 I have wanted a treadle sewing machine for awhile and posted on Facebook that I am looking for one. A friend mentioned that she has one she wants to sell and SOLD!

The machine in this table is heavy...my husband and I got it home and into the family room. What made me think that I could just sit down and sew on a treadle machine? I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and they make it look so easy! I finally got it going and success! 

Until it hesitated (could have been me) and then it started going backwards and the thread and needle broke. A friend suggested joining Facebook Groups on Vintage machines and everyone has been so helpful. Vintage Singer Sewing Machines and Vintage Sewing Machines gave me suggestions on fixing the tension. I did manage to make a bobbing, treadling like crazy!

My goal is to practice 30 minutes a day. I spoke with a sewing machine repairer and he suggested bringing it in (just the head) and have him service it. 

I did some research and she was born on October 31, 1922 in the Elizabeth, New Jersey factory.

Her name is Esther, named after my multiple Great-Grandmother, Esther De Turk 1710-1798 married to Abraham Bertolet. Esther seems to be a regal name and fitting this machine. 

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