High Tops - Row by Row Junior

The first Row completed and Shae collected a blue ribbon for it! Jan at The Quilt Block in Exton, PA was gracious enough to pose for a picture awarding the ribbon. It is so much fun to see this happy face for completing something that she started. We bought shoelaces at the Dollar Store that she will add them once the top is quilted. Kudos to the creators of this summer project. Shae and I have had such a great time together!

Shae decided to start with the "High Tops" Row by Row. No surprise because she picked out really cute fabric for this row. She started by tracing the pattern for the high top 4x on Heat and Bond lite.

Once traced, they were ironed to the wrong side of the fabric.

She decided to pair the fabrics for the shoe, toe and sole. 
Each possible shoe was added to the background squares to see how they looked before they would be permanently placed.

The instructions said to place the shoe 1.25 inches from the bottom edge of the background square.

All of the pieces are ironed and the High Tops look great. Next step, auditioning thread to applique them tomorrow.

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