My daughter introduced me to Ibotta while we were on vacation. She is one savy shopper and has racked up savings/rebates of 400.00. I've decided to try it out for 6 months and see if I actually accumulate any savings.

She sent me a link with a special code...I get a 10.00 bonus for signing up and she gets 5.00 when I sign up.

My first day shopping...with the addition of the 10.00, I accumulated 12.00 in savings.

  • 1.50 rebate on Clorox wipes at Walmart
  • .50 just for scanning my cash register receipt at Walmart
The second day, I received notification that I will get an .88 credit for buying an item through Amazon.

I also found a blog that has strategies for saving even more. Click here to learn how. I hadn't realized that I could purchase the same item more than once to take advantage of an offer by paying separately. 

I can with draw my earnings through a PayPal Account once my balance reaches 20.00. 

I will continue to blog about this experience for the next six months, if you are using this App also, please share your experience. I f you would like to sign up...use my referral code and we both get rewarded...xcxsqbd If you do decide to sign up, let me know because there is a "teamwork" feature and we can get additional bonuses.


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