31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2019 - Day 2

Day 2 - Sewing Space

My sewing space is fluid, I have a dedicated sewing room which has spread into areas of the basement. I tend to choose where to sew depending on my mood. If I want to be social, I move up into the dining room, if I want alone time, I sew in my sewing room. Occasionally, friends come to sew and we set up in the dining and living rooms.

My latest project is to make a walker bag for a friend's mother. I found this great pattern called Cheery Saddlebag Helper and it's a bargain at $3.29. I made a few changes and used velcro intsead of snaps. Velcro seems easier for older hands. 

I put one pocket on the back instead of two to decrease the weight.

Serging the edges makes binding lay flat.

I love this coordinating stripe!

Because of its size it can hang in the front or on the side.

I am also making Christmas gifts for friends and family. Zippered pouches are an instant gratification type project. Crafty Gemini has a tutorial on this Zippered Box Pouch.

This is my go to pouch, fast fun, and easy! It is available in three sizes at Noodlehead Open Wide Zippered Pouch. This one is the medium size. 


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