31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2019 - Day 3

Day 3 - Machine

My everyday sewing machine is this work horse, a Bernina 440 Quilters Edition.
I love this machine and have had it for a few years. The silver faceplate was scratched due to my
pins, scissors, etc. At the last service, Bernina replaced the faceplate with a shiny new one.

I purchased this special edition 350 Cotton + Steel  Bernina as a traveling machine to take to classes, Sew In, and Retreat. She has all of the stitches I need and the feet are interchangeable between the two machines. When I see the beautiful colors and the “ Hello Lovely” message, I can’t help but smile.

I never thought I wanted or needed a serger.  I attended a Cases for Smiles Event and the women seated close to me all had sergers. They were making  2 pillowcases to my 1. I attended the Quilt Show in Oaks, PA and purchased this serger at the show. When I told Fred from Pocono Sewing what I would be using it for he gave me a great deal. What a game changer it is,  I love it! In addition to pillowcases I also serge the inside seams of some zippered pouches, serge the edge of my quilts and walker bags before binding.

I share my machine freely with my quilting friends, it makes me happy to see my machines being used.

My favorite machine is my Granddaughter's, it's a Bernina 215 Simply Red with a zebra skin. We ordered the skin from Germany and she was so excited to receive it.

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