31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2019 - Days 7 and 8

Wow! This is much harder than I thought it would be...I am already 4 days behind and have a really busy week coming up.

I will combine posts when I can, less reading for you and maybe I will be able to keep up better.

Prompts 7 and 8 - Dream Project and Skills I Wish I Had.

For years I have wanted a Little Free Library and this year my husband is making one for me as a Birthday present. I wish I had the know how and ability to make it myself. He is an engineer and does amazing work. My part in this project is research and books. An owner of a Little Free Library may apply for a charter and receive a number at Little Free Library. The organization sells plans to make one, bookstamps, tshirts, etc. If having one in your front yard isn't your thing, you can sponsor one in a park, playground, community center, etc.

In doing my research, I was surprised to learn that vandalism is the biggest problem. Some libraries have been damaged and others have had all of the books taken in one swoop and resold. For more on this topic - https://littlefreelibrary.org/re-selling-little-free-library-books/ Is it theft to take something that is free? Greed? Desparate times?

I purchased a self-inking stamp from Staples, "Little Free Library, Not for Resale" to discourage the sale of the books. Stamping the books was a pleasant reminder of my library days. Someone created the sign to put in the window to explain the process and I will do so also. I am considering making up a flyer for my neighbors too. Surprisingly in my township, no permit is required to put it on my front yard.

My plan is to have a launch when the engineer has finally finished it and it is in the yard. Right now, I am collecting books and happily stamping them. I will continue to post about this adventure. Happy Reading!

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