BIGLAW by Lindsay Cameron. Ankerwycke, 2015. 270 pages.  ****

Mackenzie Corbett discovered early in life that the only way to excel and surpass her older sister was in academics. Mackenzie is living her dream life...an associate position in a Manhattan law firm, on the ladder to secondment, gorgeous successful boyfriend, high profile accounts and an even bigger salary. The only thing lacking is a "life." No time for Christmas shopping, sleep, exercise or her boyfriend. Mackenzie knew her job was cutthroat and competitive, but she couldn't understand who was undermining her and trying to get her fired. Mackenzie is determined to be the best and do what it takes to seal the deal even if it means checking her Blackberry 24/7.

An entertaining, humorous and poignant glimpse into the world of high profile corporate lawyers. Cameron portrays the law firm and its employees in a less than flattering light, but based on her background, probably an accurate one. Every office has its bully and "odd" employee; Cameron's strength is in her character development even if the person isn't always likable.

The only negative and maybe it's me, but I found the silhouettes of people above the page numbers distracting when reading this book. One comment on the back suggests giving a copy to a law school grad, however, this would seem to be discouraging rather than encouraging as to a career choice.

I received a copy of this book from BookSparks to review.

Lindsay Cameron worked for six years as a corporate attorney at large law firms in both the United States and Canada, including one of New York's most profitable firms. BIGLAW is her debut novel.

Published by Ankerwycke..this line of books brings the law to the people with legal fiction, true crime books, popular legal histories, public policy handbooks, and so much more. This contemporary and innovative line of books is for everyone from a trusted and vested authority. (description from their website)

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