Go Clean, Sexy You

Go Clean, Sexy You: a seasonal guide to detoxing and staying healthy by Lisa Consiglio Ryan. Tempe: SparkPress, 2015. 188p. Testimonials. *****

Ryan has written a book with broad appeal, especially to those tired of counting calories, points or deprivation diets. Not only does it include easy to understand and make recipes (100 of them), but they are divided by the seasons of the year. The ingredients are realistic and can be found in any grocery store. She provides frequently asked questions and daily instruction on how to detox and find balance within yourself. The Shopping Lists and the List of Items for your pantry are invaluable for anyone confused by what to buy to eat healthy and have more energy. Healthy smoothies, snacks and desserts are included for people like me who need a little something extra. The testimonials are impressive and worth a read.

This book will be an excellent holiday gift.

I received a copy from BookSparks to review.

Lisa Consiglio Ryan is a certified health and nutrition coach, and the founder and CEO of Whole Health Designs, LLC, which provides detox programs and private coaching for those who desire to embrace clean living. She has a bachelor's of science degree in education. Her work has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Life, The Daily Meal, Mind Body Green. She loves green juice, Bikram yoga, and hanging out with her family in Baltimore,  MD.

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