Beautiful Affliction

Beautiful Affliction: A Memoir by Lene Fogelberg. Berkeley:She Writes Press, 2015. 337 pages. *****

Lene Fogelberg is always tired, easily winded and occasionally has chest pains. Lene is convinced that something is not right with her and she cannot convince the doctors in her home country of Sweden. Misdiagnosed with a heart murmur as a child, she is labeled a hypochondriac and told to try relaxing.  The only one to believe her and seek answers is her husband, Anders. Lene's life changes when Anders is transferred to Radnor, PA and Lene sees a new doctor and her heart condition is diagnosed. 

Powerfully written and an intense story that grips me and I can't believe what has happened to this woman. The health system in Sweden at that time was unbelievable. It is an inspiring story of courage and determination to not only survive, but to create a family and a home. The love her husband has for her is so touching and a wonderful role model for their daughters. Lene and Anders are partners in the truest sense of the word and support each other and never give up. Truly a heart-warming story. 

I received an Advanced Copy from BookSparks for a review.

Lene Fogelberg is an award-winning poet and double open-heart surgery survivor. Born in Sweden, she currently lives in Indonesia, where she is working on a novel that takes place in Jakarta. Learn more at www.lenefogelberg.com.

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