Saving Abby

Saving Abby: a novel by Steena Holmes. Seattle: Lake Union, 2016. 264 pages. ****

Claire and her husband Josh have been trying for six years to have a child. They are a highly successful husband and wife team writing and illustrating children's books, but they can't achieve what they want most in life. As they finally let go of their dream, Claire becomes pregnant. They are ecstatic until Claire begins to experience debilitating headaches and fatigue. After receiving a devastating diagnosis, Claire is determined to do whatever it takes to carry her baby to full-term. Her doctor, also her best friend, and Claire's family rally behind her to support her during this troubling pregnancy.

Life is about making choices and Claire's plight is one that has haunted many parents. She gave up one child for adoption as a teen and now is desperate to keep this baby even if it means compromising her health. Holmes weaves a tale of heartbreak, loss and hope against all odds. Realistically told in alternating voices and flashbacks, I was drawn into Claire's experience and I hoped for a different ending. Though slow at some points and inscrutable at others, why didn't Josh or Abby insist that Claire follow up sooner with additional tests when she slept all of the time and was so weak? Definitely an interesting read with a moral dilemma.

I received a copy from BookSparks for a review.

Steena Holmes wrote her first novel while working as a receptionist. She won the National Indie Excellence Book Award in 2012 for her bestselling novel Finding Emma. Now both a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Steena continues to write stories that touch every parent's heart in one way or another. To find out more about her books and her love for traveling, you can visit her website at www.steenaholmes.com or follow her journey over on Instagram @steenaholmes.

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