Perfectly Good Crime

Perfectly Good Crime by Dete Meserve. Los Angeles: Melrose Hill Publishing, 2016. 282 pages. ****

In this second Kate Bradley novel, wealthy Americans are targeted by a modern day Robin Hood and robbed of over $20 million dollars of paintings, jewelry, cash, etc. Los Angeles TV news reporter Kate Bradley takes advantage of her connections with the police department and her senator father to unearth the motives and identity of Robin Hood. While trying to main her objectivity on camera, Kate is challenged when the spoils from the robberies are used to feed the poor and offer scholarships to teens who can't afford to go to college. Falling for the handsome Fire Captain Eric Hayes complicates her career path when she is offered her dream job with double the salary in New York. 

I received a Review Copy.

I didn't read the first Kate Bradley novel, Good Sam, I didn't feel as if I was missing anything. This novel may be read as a stand alone. Kate is a likable character who faces some tough decisions in her professional and personal life. When pressured by her politician father to give up the popular story of the rich versus poor and risk offending his financial supporters, Kate takes a gut-wrenching stance. Easy and enjoyable read, I am adding her first book to my reading list. I am looking forward to the next Kate Bradley adventure!

Dete Meserve is an award-winning author who is searching for Good. Like Kate Bradley in the novels 'Good Sam' and 'Perfectly Good Crime,' Meserve searches for people who are doing extraordinary good for others. While most mysteries focus on finding the killer or kidnapper, Meserve's novels focus our attention on finding the helpers, the rescuers, and the people who bring light and hope into the world with their selfless acts of kindness. When she's not writing, she is a film and television producer in Los Angeles and partner of Wind Dancer Films. Meserve lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children—and a very good cat that rules them all. E-mail: DeteMeserve@gmail.com, Twitter @DeteMeserve, www.DeteMeserve.com

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