Singer 185K

My husband and I went on a mission to find an older Singer which would be lighter and easier for me to take to classes and workshops. I saw this machine and case at an Antique and Farmer's Market. The owner plugged it in and it seemed to work; the light was burned out, but I loved the color! The finish is scratched in some places and the case is cracked. 

It has no manual or accessories, but there is a metal box of parts and bobbins that the seller threw in with the machine. She agrees to a much lower price, SOLD!

My husband carried it to the car and remarked that it is heavy...

I stopped on the way home at a sewing shop and bought new needles and bobbins.

Now to clean it up and see if she sews...(yes, she's a girl, but no name yet!)


I found several wonderful YouTube Videos...Sourdough Girl has two videos that are a must watch before sewing! Part 1 and Part II

My biggest surprise was finding out that Singer offers a download of the Manual.

I took it out of the case, darn, it is very heavy (mu husband weighed it...30 lbs.)...no way am I carrying it to classes! Cleaned and oiled the heck out of it. The power cord shows no wear and it is clean and looks well-cared for. It will be a great machine for my 9 year-old-granddaughter to use. It sews straight stitches and reverse. Easy to thread, make a bobbin, and set the tension.

The stitches are loose and gathered...reread the manual and must have skipped the part where the bobbin thread needs to be guided through the bobbin case. It now sews beautifully!

The only negative is that the thread spool pin is in the wrong hole and there seems to be a broken pin in the correct hole. I don't want to pay to have it serviced until I decide if I am going to use it or if my Granddaughter likes it.

She needs a name, she's a Scottish lass (or maybe at her age...(50+ years)...a maven), any suggestions? 

Update...She is answering to the name "Nessa" which means from the headland. 

My Granddaughter loves this machine...she says that she loves the smell of old things and how sewing machines "sound." Nessa is a keeper!

I found a Singer sewing machine light bulb in a quilt store and my husband was able to change the bulb easily and it works.

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