Row by Row 2017

I love the Row by Row experience! The theme this year is "On the GO!" In case you don't know what it is...you can learn all about it at Row by Row 2017. It started on June 21st and lasts until Sept. 5th. All shops give away a free pattern row just by entering the store (you may also purchase kits) and this year they are offering a Junior row free to children ages 6-14. My Granddaughter usually goes with me shop hopping and she loved collecting the patterns for her age group.

With Grandpop as the driver, we chose six shops in New Jersey to visit. The whole process is so easy because the organizers provide a Shop List by state. Grandpop entered the addresses in the GPS and off we went. For the most part, the people in the quilt shops were very enthusiastic and helpful. The only disappointment was the first shop...the woman at the counter was less enthusiastic when we didn't want to purchase the kit and she didn't have the patterns handy. We patiently waited and explained that we like to select our own fabric and reassured her that we would buy something in each store we visit. (seems fair, doesn't it?) It wasn't until we got the second pattern, we realized that the sneaker pattern from the first store was incorrectly printed. It was not printed at 100% and the shoe template is smaller than the others. Luckily, another store was giving away the same pattern in the correct size.

Whoever thought of the Junior Program was brilliant, my Granddaughter scored all five junior patterns in one day...and we bought fabric, pins, etc.

Pennington Quilt Works in Pennington, NJ got our vote as the friendliest store today. They went out of their way to be helpful and spoke to my granddaughter as the quilter she is...(she won a ribbon in a Quilt Show)

I picked up the adult patterns and love the variety and attention to detail that went into the designs. I just have to figure out a way to travel to the shops that have campers on their patterns. 

We will continue with the experience throughout the summer so she can buy fabric for the rows as she works on them and I have promised she may choose a license plate for the label of her quilt.

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